What's New at Environmental Health

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New! Healthy Nail Salon Recognition Program - Salons that become certified by the County, and customers that frequent certified salons, will contribute to a healthier environment.

Reusable Bag Ordinance - San Mateo County is joining many cities and counties across the nation to encourage the use of reusable bags with a vision of a world with less plastic.

California Homemade Food Act - Cottage Food Operations  Governor Brown recently signed Assembly bill 1616 to allow cottage food operations in 2013.  The new law allows for the preparation of low-risk food products in a private home for sale to consumers.

Carbon Monoxide Information Health & Safety Code §13260 & 17926-17928 requires an owner of a dwelling unit intended for human occupancy to install and maintain a carbon monoxide (CO) device.

Polystyrene Foodware Ban Find out more information on the new law banning polystyrene food ware