Built Environment/ Land Use Planning

The choices people make are shaped by the choices that they have, and people are healthier when the places where they live and work support good health.

For this reason, the Health System is working to ensure that good policy and land use decisions are made to create a healthy environment for people in San Mateo County.

Across the country, we see rising rates of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and asthma. Research shows that the built environment - cities, towns and the outdoor spaces where we live, work and play -  significantly impacts the health of our communities. Increasingly, planners and health professionals are coming together to advance community design that supports physical activity and provides access to fresh fruits and vegetables, public transportation and safe spaces to walk and play.

For more information, visit www.gethealthysmc.org/landuse.

Fact Sheets and Recommendations

Building Health into San Mateo County Cities [PDF]
Healthy General Plans [PDF]
Healthy Housing Elements(sample language) [PDF]
Healthy Housing Checklist [PDF]

Other Resources

The following are websites and resources from organizations that are active in this arena. This listing is not inclusive, nor is it an endorsement for any organization.